Book 9 of The River Series: “It Walks At Night” now on pre-sale

The ninth book in The River Series is titled It Talks At Night and will be released April 16, 2015. It’s available for pre-order at Amazon now. If you order today, it’ll be delivered to your Kindle or Kindle reading app automatically on the day of release.

IWAN cover 200x300In the quiet town of Clearlake, something dark and evil roams the streets at night, searching for a victim to haul into the forest and kill. When it targets Eliza’s son, forces are quickly aligned to fight it. Eliza asks for help from Steven and Roy, her friends in Seattle who have “the gift,” an ability to see things others cannot by entering a place called “The River.”

Their battle will take them to dark mausoleums and haunted groves. The answer may lie in the hands of a reclusive woman, a specialist in death… or it may revolve around a stalker, a man intent on creating an abomination.

Eliza, Steven, and Roy have worked together before, but the creatures that walk the streets of Clearlake will challenge them, bringing them to the edge of disaster.

It Walks At Night is a fast-paced horror/paranormal mystery, and the ninth book in The River series.

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Writen by Michael Richan