It Walks At Night released today! Available now at Amazon!

Release day of a new title is a big day for me… wondering how my readers will enjoy the next book, tracking sales to see if all the Amazon pre-orders went out as planned (they always seem to, but I track it anyway) sending out announcements, etc. I remember the day I released The Bank of the River in 2013, waiting to see what would happen. I checked the numbers at the end of the day, and I had sold exactly… zero. So I checked the next day, and had sold…another zero!

IWAN cover 200x300Now, thanks to River fans and incredibly generous readers, many, many more than zero move out on release day! I’m incredibly thankful to the people who continue to buy my books and keep me propelled forward into new titles.

Today It Walks At Night was released, the ninth (!) title in the series. I wanted to take a brief break from the Eximere story line, while still incorporating things that lay the groundwork for future books. It Walks At Night is an adventure set in Eliza’s hometown, Clearlake. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please leave a review at Amazon – your reviews really matter to me, and help the series continue!

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Thanks again for following and for your support of this series. More titles are coming, and things are going to get… interesting!


Writen by Michael Richan