Order the next book in The River series: The Cycle of the Shen

Steven and Roy return in book ten of The River series, just announced and available for pre-order at Amazon.com now!

Here’s the book description:

Does paradise only exist in our minds?

Eximere always seemed like paradise to Steven and Roy. Having agreed to act as caretakers for the mansion, they have been spending more time at Eximere, becoming acquainted with its quirks and idiosyncrasies.

However, the more Steven and Roy learn about Eximere, the more disillusioned they become.

Their recent discoveries of Eximere’s nature have extended their circle of caretaking, and now a century-old creature from a tiny town on the peninsula threatens to unravel the delicate balance that keeps Eximere functional. As they struggle to stop this strange entity from destroying everything they love about Eximere, more of James Unser’s bizarre design is revealed — and the results are devastating to Steven and Roy.

The Cycle of the Shen is a fast-paced paranormal mystery, and the tenth book in The River series.

Releases September 5, 2015. Reserve your copy today at Amazon.com!


Writen by Michael Richan