Subscribe to my blog instead of Facebook — here’s why

You now have the ability to subscribe to my blog and be notified via email whenever there’s a new blog post. This is in addition to the New Release email list, which I try to keep focused only on new titles.

You might already be aware of this, but Facebook does not share the things I post there with all of my Facebook followers. Their algorithms kick in, and I have to pay to try to get my message out to you, even if you’re following me! And, to make it worse, if I’ve posted a cover to my book, they often won’t take my money at all: they have a rule about graphics that contain more than 25% text…they won’t promote them. Many of my book covers have at least 25% text, so they routinely shoot me down! What winds up happening is that you never receive my post in Facebook, no matter what I try. That sucks!

The best way to hear from me is by subscribing to my blog. See the widget at right (if you’re on a PC) or at the bottom (if you’re mobile.) I don’t post a ton, so you won’t be inundated, and you can always unsubscribe if things don’t work out.  Of course I don’t share my email lists with anyone and they’re kept private.

I’ve turned on Comments for my blog, so feel free to leave your thoughts here instead of Facebook!



Writen by Michael Richan