The Blackham Mansion Haunting now available for pre-order!

The next book in The Downwinders series, The Blackham Mansion Haunting, is available for pre-order now at Amazon!

Order it today to receive it July 24th (or maybe July 23rd, if Amazon behaves as usual and sends it one day early!)

The book description:

Blackham Mansion was built next to a graveyard for a reason. Spiritualists who gathered there to make contact with ghosts knew the deceased were only a few feet away. Over the years, they became very successful at rousing the dead and inquiring about the afterlife.

Too successful.

Deem, a gifted nineteen-year-old, learns that the long-abandoned mansion holds secrets she must investigate. She becomes wrapped up with the unusual house located downwind, where years ago the brunt of Nevada’s nuclear testing fallout rained down from the skies. As a result, Blackham Mansion isn’t any ordinary haunted house. The entities inside — some helpful, some monstrously hideous — are things she’s never dealt with before. Her friends Winn, Carma, and David try to help, but the forces inside the house overtake them all.

Winn and Deem come face to face with a terrifying reality: Be careful what solutions you hope for; sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

The Blackham Mansion Haunting is a fast-paced mystery with an unusual twist on the paranormal. It is the fourth book in The Downwinders series, part of The River universe. Fans of The River series will find the unpredictable ghosts and mutations of the River even more frightening and terrifying in this place where surprises lurk around every corner, and deception is the order of the day.


Writen by Michael Richan