The Blood Gardener now available at Amazon, and Book 1 on sale for 99 cents!

The second book in The Dark River series, The Blood Gardener, is available now at Amazon.

Here’s the book description:

In the real world, Derick is just a retired cop; but in the Dark River, he’s public enemy number one, living in a land of ghosts.

Most people with the gift won’t enter the Dark River. It’s a disturbing place of evil, where it’s easy to lose oneself in its depraved pleasures – or die in the jaws of a horrifying creature.

Though Derick isn’t gifted, he’s found a way to enter the Dark River, but only to pay the bills: people pay him to go there and extract loved ones from its clutches.

After an extraction goes wrong, Derick becomes a wanted man. Wanted for helping rebels. Wanted for murdering Yann, the great torturer. Wanted for destroying an entire town by fire.
Derick also finds himself the de facto father of A, a monochild with secrets of his own.

Derick’s journey takes him to the gory graveyard of The Blood Gardener, where he forms an uneasy alliance. Will this help him destroy the forces determined to hunt him down?

The Blood Gardener is a fast-paced paranormal mystery, filled with strange twists and turns in a macabre setting. It’s the second book in The Dark River series, set in the same universe as its companion series, The Downwinders and The River.





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Writen by Michael Richan