Help downloading and installing a MOBI file on your Kindle

Help downloading and installing a MOBI file on your Kindle or Kindle reading app

If you’re having trouble, don’t worry – millions of people have downloaded and transferred mobi files to their Kindle, and you can too. What usually goes wrong for people is that they aren’t following ALL of the steps below. There’s really only two steps, but steps 2a and 2b are absolutely necessary in order for Step 2 to work.


1. Download the file to a PC or Mac, not a phone or tablet. This is done by clicking on the “Download” button under the filename using the link you were provided, but you must download it from a PC or Mac.

2. Send an email to your Kindle email address, and attach the downloaded mobi file as an email attachment. No subject line or text in the email is necessary.

2.a. What’s your Kindle email address? Find out here. Usually it’s something like, but don’t assume. Amazon assigns the name, so you have to check and find out what yours is. Also, take note to which device you’re sending it to – Amazon will assign a different email address for each Kindle and reading app device you use (your Kindle email address for your phone is probably different than your Kindle address for your ipad, etc.)

2.b. You MUST send the email from an email account that you have registered with Amazon. (Go to “Manage your Content and Settings” and click on Settings – then scroll until you find your “Approved personal document email list” and add the email address that you will use to email the file to your Kindle, such as your Yahoo or Gmail account.) If you haven’t taken this explicit step of registering the email address with Amazon, your Kindle will never receive the file because Amazon will only forward emails to your Kindle from email addresses that you have registered – this is how they protect you from spam.

THAT’S ALL! It takes 1-10 minutes for the file to arrive on your Kindle after you send the email.