Suggested Reading Order

The books that make up the River universe are growing – and becoming more complex, with shared plot elements, characters, and events.

Most of the books can be read stand-alone, especially the first several in each series. However, for maximum enjoyment and to experience the shared elements of the universe, here’s a suggested reading order. (If you’d like non-River books, check out The School of Revenge and Slaughter, Idaho.)

1. The Bank of the River (The River series, Book 1)

2. Residual (The River series, free novella, available here)

3. A Haunting in Oregon (The River series, Book 2)

4. Ghosts of Our Fathers (The River series, Book 3)

5. Eximere (The River series, Book 4)

6. The Suicide Forest (The River series, Book 5)

7. Devil’s Throat (The River series, Book 6)

8. Blood Oath, Blood River (The Downwinders series, Book 1)

9. The Diablo Horror (The River series, Book 7)

10. The Impossible Coin (The Downwinders series, Book 2)

11. The Haunting at Grays Harbor (The River series, Book 8)

12. The Graves of Plague Canyon (The Downwinders series, Book 3)

13. It Walks At Night (The River series, Book 9)

14. A (The Dark River series, Book 1)

15. The Blackham Mansion Haunting (The Downwinders series, Book 4)

16. The Cycle of the Shen (The River series, Book 10)

17. The Blood Gardener (The Dark River series, Book 2)

18. A Christmas Haunting at Point No Point (The River series, Book 11)

19. The Massacre Mechanism (The Downwinders series, Book 5)

20. The Port of Missing Souls (The River series, Book 12)

21. The Nightmares of Quiet Grove (The Downwinders series, Book 6)

22. Capricorn (The Dark River series, Book 3)

23. The Haunting of Johansen House (The River series, Book 13)

24. Evocation (The River series, Book 14)

The next three titles are not a series per se. They tell the backstory of one of the River characters, Eliza.

—  The Haunting of Pitmon House is a stand-alone title.  No prior reading necessary.

The Haunting of Waverly Hall is a sequel to The Haunting of Pitmon House. It can be read stand-alone.

A Haunting In Wisconsin is a sequel to The Haunting of Waverly Hall. It can be read stand-alone.

The School of Revenge and Slaughter, Idaho are stand-alone titles. Although they touch upon the River universe, they aren’t “River” books.


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