Announcing the sequel to “The Haunting of Pitmon House”

THOWH cover 400x600The Haunting of Waverly Hall is the follow-up novel to The Haunting of Pitmon House, and will be released on Amazon October 31, 2016. You can pre-order a copy here.


For a hundred years, people have moved out of Waverly, but not in.

The reason? It’s haunted. Especially the old town hall.

When Rachel returns to Eliza begging for her help, Eliza agrees to use her “gift” to help Rachel redeem her past. Rachel takes her to the small, long-abandoned town of Waverly, where the few remaining houses hold a terrible secret that killed Rachel’s friend many years ago. All of the houses seem interconnected, especially the old town hall, where the most frightening hauntings occur.

Eliza unravels the town’s hidden past while trying to avoid the fate of Rachel’s friend. She discovers why the hall is haunted — but understanding a ghost’s reasons for being aren’t always enough to get it to stop, especially when it’s addicted to sick and horrific behaviors. Her friends Robert and Granger help, but there’s no guarantee they can conquer the ghosts of Waverly Hall.

The Haunting of Waverly Hall is the sequel to The Haunting of Pitmon House.



Writen by Michael Richan