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Book 14 of The River series: Evocation

Coming March 22!

Eliza thought she was doing a favor for a friend. Instead, it turned out to be a twenty-year nightmare.

Forced to aid a madwoman intent upon bringing a new evil into the world, Eliza seeks help from Steven, Roy, and Terrell – but they’re completely unprepared for the horror facing them. Attacked by those they are trying to help, they soon become trapped in the dark, mysterious passageways of a labyrinth, where a monstrous evil is gestating, waiting to be birthed.

Evocation is a fast-paced novel of ghosts and monstrosities and the fourteenth entry in the popular River series!

Book 13 of The River series has arrived!


New title: Steven and Roy return in a chilling new tale…Book 13 of The River series!

THOJH cover 400x600A terrifying force haunts Johansen House…

The Victorian mansion sitting at the end of the street is full of horrors. It waits, its secrets hidden, its influence deadly. The events that happened within its walls are a mystery so deep, the truth may never be fully known. Uncovering its chilling history will take determination and skill.

Steven bought the house when it went up for sale, surprising his father Roy. As they use their gift to explore its rooms, they discover it’s full of unusual, terrifying spirits — some unresponsive, others violent.

Their search through Lukas Johansen’s past takes them to far-flung destinations, digging for explanations about his bizarre, depraved behaviors. Through it all, Roy wonders why Steven is so intent upon revealing the answers. Steven, for his part, isn’t entirely sure why he feels compelled to resolve the mysteries of the mansion — he simply knows that Johansen was a fundamental part of his past, and that he must pursue the truth.

When the truth is finally revealed to Steven, it is much worse than what he imagined…

The Haunting of Johansen House is a fast-paced paranormal thriller, and the thirteenth book in The River series. Although the book can be read stand-alone, reading the first book in the series, The Bank of the River, is recommended. Having read the other titles in The River series will offer a richer, more rewarding reading experience.

Coming November 24! Pre-order today at a special price!


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