Fire (Storm) Sale!


To celebrate the release of The Port of Missing Souls, the first two books from The Dark River series are on sale! Pick up The Dark River: A and The Blood Gardener at a reduced price for the Kindle editions, now through January 29.

Since The Port of Missing Souls brings together plots and characters from three different series — particularly the Dark River — it’s recommended that you read these two titles before jumping into the new River series book.

Both titles are also available for Kindle Unlimited.



Steven and Roy return in The Port of Missing Souls – Available Now!

TPOMS cover 400x600The 12th title in The River series has finally arrived: The Port of Missing Souls.

It’s the climactic culmination of the Eximere story, and brings together plots and characters from two other series, The Downwinders, and The Dark River.

What was the purpose of Eximere? What was James Unser up to? Will Steven honor the promise he made to his father, and not enter the portal to the Dark River? How can they possibly hope to understand the secrets of Eximere unless they follow the clues to wherever they lead?

I hope you enjoy reading this title as much as I enjoyed writing it! I don’t think I’ve enjoyed penning a novel more!

Pick up your copy today. It’s available for Kindle and paperback.


Christmas Sale through December 12!

ACHAPNP cover 400x600Pick up one of the most popular books in The River series for just 99 cents through December 12 at Amazon! 

A Stand-Alone Christmas Novel from a Popular Series!

Steven’s brother and his family have come to visit for the holidays. Looking for a relaxing and quiet location to enjoy the scenic beauty of Puget Sound, Steven chooses Point No Point, the oldest lighthouse in the region. Here, the lighthouse keeper’s quarters have been remodeled into a vacation rental, and it seems to be the perfect location.

Perfect, if your idea of quiet is loud thumpings coming from the abandoned museum next door. Perfect, if your idea of relaxing is a slow, creeping infection emanating from the shipwrecks just off the shore.

In this stand-alone novel, Steven and his father Roy find their picturesque Christmas holiday turning into a family nightmare as they unravel the haunted secrets from the deadly shores of Point No Point.

A Christmas Haunting at Point No Point is the eleventh novel in The River series, but no prior knowledge of the series is required to enjoy it.


SALE: The Haunting of Pitmon House

THOPH cover FINAL 400x600With The Haunting of Waverly Hall coming out in just a couple of days (Oct. 31!) it seems like a good time for a sale of its predecessor, The Haunting of Pitmon House! Pick up the first book for just 99 cents now through Nov. 1, and be sure to pre-order your copy of The Haunting of Waverly Hall right away!

First Chapter: The Haunting of Waverly Hall

THOWH cover 200x300Read it here!