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Thank you, reviewers!

TNOQG reviewsI wanted to take a moment and thank my readers who’ve taken the time to write a review of The Nightmares of Quiet Grove on Amazon! I know it takes time and effort to compose and post a review, so I want you to know I’m extremely grateful! Thanks to Joy, Dan, Missy, Debi, Jorge, Renell, Tammy Lisaguardipee, and “C”…and, of course the “Kindle Customer”!

So far, reviewers have given me a 4.6 rating for Nightmares, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am at the reception of this book! There’s plenty of room for more reviews, so please feel free to let me know what you thought of the book by visiting Amazon and posting your thoughts.

And once again, thank you for taking the time to review. It is much appreciated!

Eliza returns in “A Haunting In Wisconsin”!

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A quiet getaway turns into a deadly mystery.

A long weekend at a remote B&B was supposed to give Eliza and Robert some downtime. They soon discover that sleeping in the building unearths the spirits of people long dead, reviving a haunted mystery that has waited many decades to be solved. Eliza and Robert’s plans to relax are put on hold while they try to help the owner of the B&B salvage his business.

Eliza and Robert both have the “gift,” but using it is difficult in the old building; something is wrong here, something that obscures their ability to see what’s truly happening. They discover a fiendish child who has taken diabolical secrets to the grave, intent on harming others. Their harrowing search for her — and the surprises buried with her — is filled with danger, as they discover much more evil and malevolent forces at work.

A Haunting in Wisconsin is a fast-paced paranormal mystery with an enjoyable cast of characters. It is full of twists and turns, as Eliza and Robert fight to save the B&B — and themselves. It is a stand-alone novel. No prior reading is necessary to enjoy this title.




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