I’m interviewed by Raz N Dark Podcast

I spent a fun hour with the gang at the Raz N Dark Podcast last night. They interviewed me about The River series books and writing in general. If you’d like to listen in, here’s the link. The interview begins at the 64:30 mark.

Raz-T-Slasher-certificateRaz N Dark Podcast #50 Michael Richan interview

We go on and on about horror movies for a good chunk of it. I could talk about horror movies all day. The nice thing is, so can they!

I was particularly honored to receive a “Scare Achievement Award” from Raz. He doesn’t scare easily, and apparently The Bank of the River really creeped him out. I post it here with pride.

I think it’s pretty obvious from the interview that I really enjoyed chatting with them. Their podcast covers a wide range of topics, much of the time focusing the indie markets, so if you enjoy the episode, consider subscribing!


Writen by Michael Richan