Massacre Mechanism nearing publication

I know, I know! It’s like I’ve dropped off the map! I haven’t gone this long between titles since way back in the beginning, between The Bank of the River and A Haunting in Oregon! Maybe longer.

I’m alive and functional, and I’ve been working on The Massacre Mechanism, the next title in The Downwinders series, since the holidays. The good news is that it’s nearing completion. It’s been a while since I spent time with Deem and Winn (and David and Carma), and it’s very exciting to pick these characters back up and jump into this new adventure. Release date is May 20, so if you haven’t pre-ordered, here’s a link that will get you to Amazon to check it out!

Once again, real historical events in the area fuel the story. Characters from other series appear, new characters are introduced, and existing characters develop, including relationships. The Downwinders has always had a kind of YA feel to it, and I think that keeps going in this book. It’s fast-paced as usual…and it has some surprises that I found very intriguing.

Six weeks away from a release date. Between now and then, it’s lots of editing and re-reading and polishing. I hope you enjoy the finished product! I’m looking forward to your reviews!

TMM cover 200x300

Writen by Michael Richan