Port Gamble Graveyard and Magic Shop

800px-PG_Walker-Ames_HouseIn A Christmas Haunting at Point No Point, the family takes Steven to a birthday dinner in a nearby town, Port Gamble. It’s a beautiful little stretch of historic buildings with an unusual past.

It was originally a company town, built by a lumber firm. In the mid 1800s it was difficult to find mill workers in the west, so the company recruited from the east, and when housing was built the workers wanted a taste of home. The resulting architecture has a New England feel.

muir magic shop 400wToday Port Gamble is a National Historic District, and the restored homes along its scenic Rainier Avenue are a popular tourist draw. Here you’ll find Mrs. Muir’s House of Ghosts and Magic, where Emily and Terrell purchased the flying wish paper they were burning on the beach at Point No Point.

cemeteryThere’s a quiet, small cemetery on a slight hill overlooking the water, where the first U.S. Navy sailor to die in the Pacific, Gustave Englebrecht, is buried. The graveyard is mentioned in the book as being across the street from the restaurant where Steven’s birthday dinner is held.

Port Gamble is also one of the more haunted towns in the Pacific Northwest. It holds an annual ghost conference.

If you ever make a trip to Washington State, a short visit to Port Gamble is worth your time!

Writen by Michael Richan