The Massacre Mechanism now available for pre-order!

TMM Kindle cover FINALI’m very pleased to announce that the next title in The Downwinders series is called “The Massacre Mechanism” and is available for pre-order from Amazon now! The novel will be released in May.

As you know, I hate spoilers, and that goes for books from the past, too, so the book description for The Massacre Mechanism deliberately avoids mentioning things that might be ruined if you haven’t read The Blackham Mansion Haunting. However, whereas The Blackham Mansion Haunting was a fairly self-contained story, The Massacre Mechanism is a much broader tale. If you haven’t yet jumped into The Downwinders from the beginning, now would be an excellent time!

preorderThe Massacre Mechanism book description:

Cryptic messages must be deciphered. Traitors must be tracked. And a massacre must be avoided — or instigated, depending on your perspective!

In the delicate moments just before sleep arrives, Winn is plagued with symbols racing through his mind. He has no idea what they mean, but he suspects they’re a message, sent to him from someone trapped in a place where messages aren’t supposed to escape.

With the help of Carma and David, Winn begins a quest to find out what the symbols mean. Along the way, he faces maniacal ghosts and unsavory opportunists. Thankfully, his friend Awan has connections that can help, and soon they discover dangerous, evil forces moving all around them, gathering for a confrontation.

When they uncover the nature of the impending conflict, they’re frightened — terrified of what might happen, terrified of the role they’re expected to play, and terrified for Deem.

The Massacre Mechanism continues the story of The Downwinders, those with “the gift” who operate in the southern United States where fallout from nuclear testing in the sixties horribly shifted the ghosts and other unseen entities that make up “The River” — the place where the gifted can go to see the things that the rest of us cannot. It is a fast-paced paranormal adventure, and the fifth title in The Downwinders series.

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Writen by Michael Richan